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After spending the night in the incubator, we woke early and rushed in to check on our new baby. He was still looking a bit wet and had bits of shell stuck to his back. You have to be super careful with temp when they are this little so we bundled the little guy up and brought him in the shower with us to get him all cleaned up.

I was able to sex him thanks to a wonderful video on the Metzer Farms website. It was amazingly simple once I'd seen it done. Just flipped him over, applied a little pressure and out popped a tiny penis.

Before we left for work we dug out an old Woot! monkey to act as a companion for the poor little solo guy.

He spent the day in the incubator then wafwot set up a brooder in the form of an old dog crate in the corner of the living room.

Since we ended up grabbing a Woot! monkey, we shot an email over to the people at about our poor little solo guy and they thought the story was cool enough to feature on their blog!

Out little duckie boy is famous on the interwebz! We also still have live streaming video of him and his monkey in the brooder:

I am totally in love with this little guy. He's all balls and personality. Tries to eat everything including my eyeballs and the mouse pointer on the computer screen. He runs to the front of the cage when you open it and hops out into your hands. And by the way, in those last two shots are of him riding on the cat's back.

We are leaning toward the name Sedrick. I think he looks like a Sedrick. What do you guys think?
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